What We Do – Making cool things happen


Our group of experienced and skilled artists can design your logo and artwork for a web site or for printing. We have over 30 years of experience providing this service both to companies as well as the federal government. We can also create custom paintings and artwork for your home or office. We even have an expert in “doodling“, who is skilled at documenting any meeting or presentation in a unique way – at the end of the presentation you will be presented with a large drawing done by hand, that shows all the elements of the meeting in a fun and interesting way. Great to hang on the wall of the office to keep the subject matter fresh in people’s minds. Contact Us

Modular Theme Rooms

Ever wanted to have your office look like the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise? Or perhaps you are more of a Bat-Cave person…. Whatever the desire, our design and build team can bring that to life for you. Not only do we build the room, we do it in a modular way so that you can take the room with you when you move. We also have the programming and electrical knowledge to activate the room with special consoles, lights, sound, mechanisms, and whatever the situation requires. Contact Us

Restorations and Prop Recreations

Our build team also has experience bringing the old into the realm of the new. We can restore old photographs and even some old technology if you are the type that loves retro-tech. Our 3D printing lab can create props from scratch, or recreate them from your favorite films or TV shows. Contact Us

Renovations and interior design

Maybe you don’t need or want a full theme room, but you have a space that needs an overhaul… We can help you maximize that space to be as functional and aesthetic as possible. Our designers have created some amazing spaces, with many interesting and useful features. We are particularly skilled at custom carpentry and fabrication. Contact Us

Application Development

Do you have a particular inefficiency in your business? Let our programming team help you streamline your operations through a custom programing solution. We have much experience in the area of database-driven web-based applications, allowing you to have a custom solution that meets your needs without being constrained by the limits of commercial off-the-shelf software. Contact Us

Specially Engineered Projects

Sometimes big problems require big solutions. Our team has designed and built several solutions, including a large custom wooden crane to lift docks out of the water at a cottage with a steep slope. The team was able to craft an elegant and functional solution that is fun to watch. Whatever your problem is, let us work with you to design and create a solution for it. Contact Us

Technology Product Testing and Sales

Our testing team is constantly evaluating new technology products. We will put the item through its paces, rigorously testing it to find its limits. We review all products that we evaluate, and only those that pass our stringent tests are worthy of being sold on our website. Contact Us

Promotional and Corporate Branded Products

Is your organization hosting an event and you want to provide free gifts to attendees? Let us help you pick an appropriate product that you can brand with your logo and produce in bulk… We have access to all sorts of suitable items, from small power banks to phone chargers to fun tech. We have very competitive pricing in this area, and can provide large quantities in a short amount of time. Contact Us


Our web team has many years of experience working with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)… We can do assessments of your web presence and ensure you are optimized to provide the most accessible website possible. You would be surprised at the amount of things that your site may not be doing in this area. Let us help you modernize your website so you can reach the widest audience possible. Accessibility transcends many fields – We apply these design principles in all the projects we do. If instructions are need they are made simple to read and easy to understand. Contact Us