About Us

We here at Gambit Realm have experience in many different fields, and we wanted to build our experience into a career. A career where we could follow anything interesting that we come across.

People today are complicated, varied, and hungry for whatever is new and exciting. With that in mind, why should we make a company limited to one product or one service. Why not meet the curiosity of others with our own? Why not take our hobbies, our talents, and our interests and give the world the chance to enjoy them too?

So that’s what we’re doing.

Gambit Realm is working on many projects, with a focus on learning emerging technologies and applying them to real-world use.  Our passion is finding solutions to unique and difficult problems, whether they require specific engineering or an outside-the-box approach to programming or implementation.

We are determined to work with companies, no matter the size and scope, to help their vision come true. Imagine an office with old style settings or very high-tech environments with real working computer interfaces and all the automation you could want. Whatever your vision is, we have the experts to get you there. We can build your Dream from the ground up!

We Make Cool Things Happen