What We Do – Making cool things happen

Modular Theme Rooms

When we say we build dreams, we mean it! Have you ever wanted your office to look and feel like the bridge of the USS Enterprise? How about a man cave that feels like the Bat cave? We can tackle the artwork and detail as well as the construction needed to bring it to life. We also build it practically so that when you move, your themed room can easily move with you.                

We can also build real working terminals, with all the sounds and lights needed to make your vision a reality. We have the programming and electrical knowledge to make everything easy to use and full operational. We are excited to build any theme.

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Prop Recreations

We enjoy recreating props from your favourite TV show or movie. WE also work on making them work with various types of technologies. here is a recreation of the Star Trek original series desktop computer. It is a little bigger than the original so it can accommodate the real computer inside and touch screen. Even the data disks have USB keys embedded so they actually work!

With a wide range of 3D printers. laser machine and CNC machines, it allows us to create any prop you can imagine. Whatever accessory you may need, we can build it in a timely and affordable manner.

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Promotional Products

Is your organization hosting an event and you want to give your attendees some exciting that really captures for company image or logo?

Let us help you pick an appropriate product that you can brand with your logo and produce in bulk. We have access to all sorts of suitable items, from small power banks, phone chargers, or fun widgets. We have very competitive pricing in this area and can provide large quantities in a short amount of time.

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Some other inventions and products coming soon

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